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Informers and benefit fraud: a personal view by Dr Sean Gabb

13 February, 2010

Cross-posted from the Libertarian Alliance Blog. Free Life Commentary, A Personal View from The Director of the Libertarian Alliance Issue Number 189 9th February 2010 Linking url: Informers and Benefit Fraud: A Libertarian View By Sean Gabb I have just been sent one of the most disgusting newspaper articles I have seen this year. […]

Recession, illegal databases and a £105bn spend on more intrusive spying

23 March, 2009

Power to the People In another example of this government paying lip service to the rights and freedoms of the individual, The Joseph Rowntree Reform Trust, suggests that some 25% of government databases are actually illegal, either under Human Right Legislation or the Data Protection Act. As you would expect from a government that has […]

Jacqui Smith, ID cards and Big Brother Britain

7 November, 2008

Stop it Now! Up until a few months ago, the only person I knew that supported the introduction of identity cards, was my wife. After a few heated debates, questions, answers and what-if’s, she eventually conceded that it wasn’t such a great idea. We have a very democratic process in our house, something like the […]

Will government postpone Big Brother Britain Database?

4 November, 2008

Amid mounting public concern and disquiet about New Labour’s attempt to build a Big Brother Database are signs that the “debate” may be moved to 2009. According to reports, Jacqui Smith has indicated that the government will have an open discussion next year. In what amounts to an relatively new offensive for this government, there are mounting public concerns over the ramifications that […]

UK government to introduce ID card via back door

3 November, 2008

Over at British Politics, a recent article caught my eye, this was related to comments made by a Home Office Minister, which suggested that the government had the powers and perhaps, even the will to designate existing documents as identity cards. This could, for example, be passports or more likely drivers licenses. There is even […]