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Hazel Blears politically naive?

7 November, 2008

Well, yes I think she probably is, which would explain why she has been given the position of Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government. Given the state of both, she needs to spend more time in the office and less at the Hansard Society. It would appear that Hazel, I hope such an important person, at […]

Old Holborn takes a walk on the wild side

4 November, 2008

Old Holborn has invited readers of my blog to join him and, at last count, another 102 “ramblers” for a brisk walk from Trafalgar Square to Parliament Square, London at midday on the 5th November 2008. Unfortunately, given I am away at the moment, as Big Brother Britain will be able to confirm, I can only be there in spirit, however, I […]