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Individual liberty is stolen by the State

7 June, 2009

Will they ever give up? Sir David Pepper who spent 5 years running the GCHQ listening centre told the BBC that lives would be at risk if the state could not track communications. It is people like him and politicians unwilling or incapable of asking questions that have allowed us to be one of the […]

The Great DNA Database fudge

7 May, 2009

Power to the People The Home Office has outlined a series of proposals in relation to the DNA database designed to counter the ruling by the European Court of Human Rights that it was illegal. However, in doing so, they have demonstrated utter contempt for the ruling, choosing instead to go for a fudge. If […]

Rachel Nickell: Colin Stagg: Robert Napper: DNA database….now, they will be after all men as murdering rapists, and the weather is really going to get stormy.

20 December, 2008

David Davis We learn today that the real murderer of this poor young woman, tragically witnessed by her toddler son, who vainly tried to stauch his mother’s wounds witht e contents of her handbag (google it) has now been identified and sentenced. or, at least, the person who pleads guilty has been sentenced. But this […]