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Sean Gabb speaks on Radio 4 about the “potential ban” on employment of BNP members

20 November, 2008

David Davis (cross-posted via Sean Gabb) The implications for a “Big Brother State” being able to find and persecute individuals for whatever belief is proscribed at any moment, are obvious. A debate with Lord Lester on the BBC Radio 4 PM Programme, on the 19th November 2008: Advertisements

BNP membership list: let’s see if this “government of all, for all” will prevent or officially outlaw discrimination against individuals for belonging to a political party. Big brother operating unauthorised….

19 November, 2008

It’s created a criminal offence a day since May 1997: another one can’t be that hard, surely? Or…are some crimes “more equal than others“…? David Davis Discrimination on the grounds of race, sex or religion is (rightly) illegal. Except for, of course, as regards the human rights of a person who, say would not want […]