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Electoral reform and Liberty please

There is much politicing about electoral reform and returning power back to the people. We want less talk, more action and, whilst the main parties are fighting to gain our attention, they need to be reminded that over the past 12 years, New Labour have introduced more laws than all of the previous parliaments combined.

Many of these laws have sought and succeeded in depriving us of our long held right to privacy, liberty and freedom from an oppressive government (or Authoritarian to use the modern phrase). Government ministers have consistently lied to us about how the loss of a little liberty would be worth it in the fight against crime and terrorism. What total and utter bollocks it has not and never will have been a price worth paying. Can anyone honestly say they feel more secure or safe? Has the government reduced the ‘Threat Level’? I don’t think so. It has been a massive con and it is time these draconian laws were repealed.

We are constantly spied on, in the street and on the road, our calls, text messages, email and internet activities are routinely monitored and saved onto a database. ANPR cameras record 10m number plates every day and then retain that information on a database for 2 years. Teachers and even babysitters are required to spy on our children and record their, mainly subjective, observations on a database (ContactPoint),  this information will be held indefinitely and will also be used to complete a profile (ONSET) of each child to determine whether they are likely to be a future criminal. Still believe in innocent until proven guilty?

Then there is the Travel Database, ID Cards, the largest DNA database in the world, the DVLA, the Health Service Database…this is endless. Nothing we do, write, type or say is safe from agents of our government and no, this is not just MI5 or, the ever powerful police service, it includes a further 600 government organisations. The people of this country are, rightly angry about MPs’ fiddling or abusing their expenses. This, however, is but a conduit for public anger at being marginalised by self-serving politicians who have sought to lecture, control and bully the people of this country. The introduction of 3,607 new laws in 12 years bears testament to the way that New Labour have sought to crush the people of this country, ably supported by members of parliament from other parties who have done little or nothing to protect our interests. So much for holding the Executive to account, I wouldn’t trust opposition MP’s polish my shoes, much less protect my liberty.

Our populist MP’s would do well not to get carried away in the belief that a few tweaks of the expense system and few lies about electoral reform will buy our silence. We want our liberty back, our freedom back, our right to privacy back, our right to be free from an over-bearing state back and above all, our right to be master, not servant.  Brown is too far gone to be saved, but maybe Cameron can be persuaded to look beneath the superficial anger that is the expense saga and see what is really enraging the British public. I don’t say that the public is not angry at MPs’ for helping themselves to our money, instead I am arguing that the anger being expressed goes far beyond that, we are witnessing the reactions of a people that feel crushed, down-trodden, forgotten and irrelevant to those in power. That ain’t going to be fixed overnight, nor are a few empty promises going to cut it.

And for those that do not agree with me and still believe that if you have got nothing to hide, then you have nothing to fear, then I am sorry for you. Next you will be telling me that we are going to have a record summer, you are going to win the lottery and New Labour is going to win the next election. To paraphrase Benjamin Franklin…

“Those who would give up Essential Liberty to purchase a little Temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety”


2 Responses to “Electoral reform and Liberty please”

  1. Found this video and he speaks great things about Liberty!

    Wow, go Adam Kokesh!

  2. You know, growing up as a son of military parents, in the United States, I was indoctrinated in the whole nationalism/false patriotism. Thankfully I’ve worked myself out of that and onto understanding what TRUE liberty is. People are taught to believe that if they feel they are being wronged, as a group, then they should petition to have legislation enacted that gives them special rights. The problem is that this is EXACTLY the problem; it starts and ends with overreaching government. If people truly want to be allowed to perform to their utmost potential all they need to do is limit the power of government. By electing to get rid of ALL legislation that gives one group power over another they will, in effect, be leveling the playing field for themselves. “All men are created equal” does not mean that everyone is going to start at the same point and reach the same point at the end of their lives. It merely means that people are given the opportunity to do as much as they choose to with what they are given. People need to stand up in the U.S., and Great Britain, and demand their freedom from the oppression that is big government. Seek to protect your neighbor’s liberty first and you will ensure your own.

    Keep up the good work! I’m glad to see someone else attacking the myth of “big government is better” from elsewhere in the world.

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