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Civil Liberties & a Stella Performance

The former head of MI5 Dame Stella Rimington has accused, not for the first time, the government of using the fear of terrorism to justify further restrictions of our civil liberties and right to privacy. Her words of wisdom even acknowledged that the people of this country felt they were living “under a police state“. No arguments there then!

In particular, Stella Rimington referred to the 42 day detention without charge and the intention of this government to force ID cards on the people.  This revelation comes in the same week that the Counter Terrorism Act 2008 comes into force, whereby it is now an offence to take a photograph of a policeman, punishable by up to 10 years imprisonment. Unless, of course, the offender can prove that they ‘had a reasonable excuse for their action’. It is incredible how this government has given the Police service virtually any powers they have requested, irrespective of whether or not this restricted or destroyed the civil liberties or right to privacy of the majority.

To put this thing into perspective, it is okay for government agencies to spy on our email, internet browsing habits, text messages and telephone calls. It is okay for the government or their agencies to record information on our children’s health, well-being, psychological needs, educational needs and so on. It okay for the government or their agencies to record where we go on holiday, when, how we pay, where we sit on the plane and what we spend when we are away. It is okay for the government or their agencies to use 4.2m cameras to spy on our every move, to introduce new cameras that eavesdrop on our conversations in the street, to monitor the movement of our cars with ANPR cameras. It is okay for the government and their agencies to take our DNA even if we are not charged and then retain it, even if we are found not guilty. But it is not okay of we take a picture of a police officer!

It is high time that the people of this country started to wake up to what is happening all around them. Since 2001, this government has directly and by stealth, introduced new legislation that strikes at the very heart of our right to privacy, freedom from an over-bearing state and our civil liberties. There is no sense in looking back in a couple of years and asking how it all happened, it will be too late then, now is the time to be fighting back. Even the opposition parties have said very little about these massive changes for fear of being accused of being soft on terrorism, or maybe because they quite like the ability to have state control the people if they get into power, who knows. Either way, we will only have ourselves to blame if we do nothing.


2 Responses to “Civil Liberties & a Stella Performance”

  1. I’ve been looking into how fear gets used to persuade us to do all sorts of things:

  2. When this lady makes a stand, it is time we all started to listen. No doubt this is why Tony McNulty has been wheeled out to try and rubbish her claims. I suspect Gordon Brown is more than a little rattled.

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