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New Travel Database in Big Brother Britain

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At a time when we should all be considering tightening our belts, the Labour government of Big Brother Britain has decided to set up yet another database to spy and record details of British citizens, this time on our travel. Once again, this has is being justified on the pretext of national security. Quite apart from the fact that this government has proven itself incapable of introducing working databases on budget, the fact remains that it is entirely unnecessary. The bottom line is this database has nothing to do with security and everything to do with the Labour governments obsession with control over its citizens. There is simply no way that this government, or for that matter, any other government can justify spying on 60m people in order that they can track, at most, a few thousand potential terrorists.

This is in addition to the governments intention to record every email, text message and telephone call, plus our Internet browsing habits. It is high time the British public started asking why on earth this government needs so much information on its citizens? It is estimated that the Big Brother Britain database for spying on calls and Internet traffic will cost £12bn, it is therefore, reasonable to assume that this latest travel database will cost at least 50% of the cost, a very likely £6bn, minimum. These two databases are equivalent to the cost of 300 new hospitals!

Once again, thus far, the opposition parties have been noticeable by their absence, they should be refusing to support the oppressive programme of civil liberty busting voyeurism of New Labour. The opposition parties must promise to scrap these databases or commit to repeal the legislation that permits the collection of this data on British citizens. There has, once again, been a complete lack of any justification by this government, presumably to ensure that there is as little publicity as possible whilst they try and sneak this programme through the back door.

Wake up Cameron, wake up Clegg and wake up people, this is becoming completely unacceptable, in terms of our liberty, right to privacy and of course, the excessive cost at a time when we can least afford it. We are already spied on by some 4m cameras, information on our children, their welfare, schooling, carers, health and so on is already being stored in a government database. This government is introducing a cradle to grave spying programme on its own citizens, it is time to say enough is enough. It has already been noted that we are one of the most spied on nations anywhere in the world, alongside places such as North Korea. Surely that must ring alarm bells for even the most complacent British citizen?

This latest database will store names, addresses, telephone numbers, seat reservations, travel itineraries and credit card details of travellers. The notion that if you have nothing to hide, then you have nothing to fear is total nonesense. Why? Because is presupposes that the people that have access to this information will use it for legitimate purposes. How can we be certain when this government has already allowed thousands of agencies, public and private access to our personal information that is already stored? Enough is enough, stand up and be counted people, and Mr Cameron, get off your backside and say something, either you support this destruction of our civil liberties, or you must fight against it, show some backbone, prove to the people of this country that you are not a lightweight. Say no to Big Brother Britain – RESIST!


3 Responses to “New Travel Database in Big Brother Britain”

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  2. When will the people of this country catch a wake up and realise that our liberties are being trashed everyday, by a government that is only interested in power, not responsibility or values.

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