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MP’s to vote on hiding their expense claims from the public

Power to the People

Whilst members of parliament are for the most part at least, quite happy to do little or nothing while this government introduces legislation designed to spy on our emails, telephone calls and web browsing habits, they do believe there should be a debate when it comes to them revealing (under the Freddom of Information Act) how they spend our money with their taxpayer funded expense accounts. How so? Well, MP’s are due to vote this week on the new rules, which could allow them to keep their expense details secret.

But lets look at this in a bit more detail shall we? I can understand why no-one would want intimate emails or text messages read by some voyeuristic spook, after all, if it is public, it is no longer intimate or private. But expenses? Surely, it is only right that the very people that pay the expenses should know what they are for and who has claimed for them. Commonsense. So why do MP’s believe it is something that should be debated, have they got something to hide, do they think it is going too far to have to reveal how they spend our money? Yet to intercept calls, spy on emails and so on is acceptable? Has the world gone mad, or is it just the honourable members? Perhaps they truly do believe they are a cut above the riff raff that makes up the electorate?

Of course we should not be surprised that the rule change has been proposed by the Leader of the House of Commons, Harriet Harman. If ever there was good reason not to look for more diversity in parliament, all you have to do is review this non-person, in the non-job that is Minister for Women. Though I am not quite sure what this issue particular has to do with ministers expenses, perhaps she has too much time on her hands?

We should all look to see which way our MP’s vote on this issue. If they vote to hide the detail from us, then they either have something to hide or they consider themselves answerable to no-one. My view, is if they want to hide their expenses from the very people that placed them in such a privileged position, then they must not be trusted anymore. At the next election, our expression of displeasure can be served up in the ballot box. MP’s, be warned, the people of this country do not like double standards, MP’s cannot and never should be a special case, instead, they must know precisely how the laws they have passed affect everyone, including themselves.

One other thing, why is it that MP’s can vote on their own salaries, pensions perks and so on, whilst the rest of us have no say whatsoever. Who are the mugs here?


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