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BNP membership list: let’s see if this “government of all, for all” will prevent or officially outlaw discrimination against individuals for belonging to a political party. Big brother operating unauthorised….

It’s created a criminal offence a day since May 1997: another one can’t be that hard, surely? Or…are some crimes “more equal than others“…?

David Davis

Discrimination on the grounds of race, sex or religion is (rightly) illegal. Except for, of course, as regards the human rights of a person who, say would not want to employ someone for reasons best known to himself, but we’ll let that pass for now.

The Libertarian Alliance, I must first state, does not agree in any way with the policies of the BNP, nor does it support any of them. It supports no political party whatever, with the possible unofficial exception of the LPUK.

I’m sure we’d all not want to live in a society where, if you belonged to a certain political party, you could be persecuted, officially or otherwise, victimised, or lose your job, livelihood or home. That smacks of the worst days of nazism in the Third Reich, and of the days of Stalin and Mao – and many other hoodlums we could mention. And indeed we have done, and recently. Nasty, low “Chè” had people killed, even personally by him sometimes, for not thinking the right things. Keeley Hazell would not approve at all, at-all-at-all.


But now we have this. I was alerted to it by this in the DT just now. I have no idea what Lancaster Unity is, not having previously heard of it, but, given that we don’t view the BNP positively for the best of philosophical reasons, Lancaster Unity does not seem like the sort of people we would really like to share a nation with either. They are probably a bunch of students up the road from somewhere, who have more fire in their bellies than sense or wisdom about how the world operates. The fact that they are a “left wing top 100 blog” is a dead giveaway.

The Global-left is scared shitless of the BNP, since it views that party as a direct and mortal competitor for the votes of the effectively-disenfranchised Old White Working Class and its heirs of the moment whatever those may be. Whereas we as Libertarians have no position on this either way, since we see this spat as mere extremist infighting within the envelope of the Left. We also regard everybody – including people like “Unity”, as disenfranchised by a single oligarchical Enemy Class – which happens outwardly to behave right now as if it was part of the “left” – but that is a mere tactical accident of current events.

Correct me if I’m wrong: but I don’t think this government, a left-wing government, cares about the fate of people who have decided to support what some of the left thinks of as the wrong left-wing party which cares a bit about the fates of some left-wing-supporters, against another but larger lot of left-wingers who don’t care about the first lot of left-wing-supporters.

It’s Germany in the 20s/30s all over again, isn’t it.

The British Left (can we call these outfits “British Internationale Parties”?) is wetting itself with delight (here’s a typical example) as I suppose can be expected. Although as I have said in the comments here, it’s strange that today’s leftists don’t exactly see themselves as friends of the BNP: we here certainly are not their friends, but the Left they share most of their objectives. Very strange really.


5 Responses to “BNP membership list: let’s see if this “government of all, for all” will prevent or officially outlaw discrimination against individuals for belonging to a political party. Big brother operating unauthorised….”

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  2. I think you may find that ‘Lancaster Unity’ is more closely linked to a ‘Charity’ by the name of ‘Common Purpose’, which is a far more sinister organization than BNP could ever hope to be!
    Common Purpose has so far infiltrated almost every controlling aspect of this country including: The Military, The Police, The Judiciary, Central and local Government, The Fire service, The NHS etc, etc. The organization operates as a ‘fifth column’ with a view to, ultimately, rule the world but seems to forget that although you can fool all of the people some of the time, you cannot fool all the people all of the time!
    This ‘outing’ of BNP members details shows how afraid of their perceived enemies they really are and I expect something similar to happen tp UKIP and other like minded parties in the near future as 2010 fast approaches and CP have to have ‘everything’ in order by then!

  3. I hold absolutely no remit for the BNP, but the sound and sight of ‘the Police’ investigating the BNP list is a worrying departure in our political lanscape. The BNP is a registered political party, it is not proscribed in Law, yet membership of it is seen by this overbearing Government as ‘incorrect’.

    The LPUK is constantly being asked for details of its membership list by trolls, so personally I think that there is more to this than meets the eye

  4. Who will they come for tomorrow?

  5. I know personally what political persecution means, and the Police are in charge of persecuting political “heretics” in the UK .
    The Police are very competent for this job (if not for their main duty of protecting the public from criminals ! …)
    Blacklisting, calumny against “heretics” and all sorts of dirty tricks will takes its toll on the life of syndicalists and civil liberties defenders .
    So if you dare support a non-mainstream party you are up for big trouble .

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