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Next step in BBB is Censorship of the press!

Power to the People

A common denominator of countries described by outsiders and campaigners as being a police state, oppressive or anti-democratic, is state control of, alternatively over, the press. A free press is seen by the outside world as one of the most significant factors in determining whether or not a country is democratic and free.

So why is it, that our very own government is being advised to do just that? The Independent reports that the influential and powerful Commons Intelligence and Security Committee (CISC) is recommending that “news outlets should be prevented by law from reporting stories the Government judges to be against national security interests“. There is currently a voluntary code which, for all intents and purposes, appears to work well. This is often used in situations where the government deems there could be a national security issue and it is eminently sensible. However, the CISC, now wants this extended to include police operations and if that were not enough, they want the government to turn a voluntary system into a statutory one. If there was ever any doubt that our country is turning into Big Brother Britain, here it is. A recommendation that there be a statutory requirement that could effectively silence an uncooperative press on anything the government deemed not in the public interest or of a sensitive nature. It is completely unacceptable.

The government has been rattled by civil liberties campaigners leading the charge against an overbearing state and the fact that they have highlighted the steady, but consistent erosion of our rights and liberties. The significant resistence to the 42 day detention bill irritated the hell out of them.  As has protests about the Big Brother Britain Database, which has even lead to suggestions that opponents have something to hide, or are, in effect, willing to aid and abet those that would seek us harm. All utter rubish of course. We also have Hazel Blears damning those that would use the internet to argue against government policies.

Now, I have no particular desire to argue any case for the press in general, because lets face it, they are big enough and ugly enough to defend their own corner. Nor would I argue that they do not have their own agenda because most are affliated with one party or another and there is untold bias in their stories. However, what we do have a right to, as ‘free’ subjects, is a free press. At least free of government coersion, control and censorship.

Now, clearly I am jumping the gun a little here, because thus far, it is just a recommendation, but I would warn any government ministers that believe press censorship is the next logical step to Big Brother Britain, that we are watching and we will campaign as vigorously as any section of the media. We have come to accept news media with a particular political bias, but we will never accept, as free people, a state controlled media in this country.


2 Responses to “Next step in BBB is Censorship of the press!”

  1. The good Lord knows that in my heart I have little if no faith in our media but to suggest that they should be subject to this sort of censorship at the whim of some shrew in forsaken government office is wholly without merit and devoid of ANY semblance of democratic DNA.

    I would happily put most editors and reporters up against a wall and batter them with copies of their own vacuous out-pourings but by the green green hills of this land I will NOT be subject to this….this…fascism.

    646 “”elected” lackeys of a state machine that is hurtling un-stoppably towards a totalitarian utopia (for them) and a dark dark future for us.

    What we need is a TRUE voice of the people, an alternative parliament, perhaps a proper democratic system.

    4 years a term does NOT a democracy make.

    I want to look forward to the future, I want to enjoy the future and I want to be IN it but, having re-read 1984 and re-watched V for Vendetta I am heartened only by the spirit of the people of this country, those special few who will when the time is right, will stand up and force a redefinition of what it means to be a representative of the electorate, what those responsibilities mean and the burden they come with.

    The future IS bright, the future is new, the future is revolutionary.

    Buy shares in hemp rope manufacturers and lamp post makers….

    “Those who make peaceful revolution impossible, make violent revolution inevitable.” – John Fitzgerald Kennedy

    R E S I S T!

  2. Shrewdy, you are right of course, there is a future, but the people of this country need to demonstrate a Dunkirk spirit. In stead of the 3 party system, I believe there needs to be far more independents, real people, not career politicians, people that will speak for, represent and remain part of the people of this country. That way, we have use our existing parliamentary system not run a parallel one. Trouble is, are the pople of this country ready for independent MP’s, they should be and they need to be.

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