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Time to stop Government waste

Power to the People

At a time when every political party is talking about tax cuts, I think it is a time to consider all government ‘pet’ projects, particularly those that have limited or no value. That is probably most of the IT projects. In particular, I would like to see the government cancel some of the Big Brother Britain, civil liberty busting, privacy invading information technology projects.

There are many, but for starters, I believe they must cancel the Big Brother Britain databasethat would record details of our mobile phone calls, texts, emails and internet habits. They must shelve, pending a review, the NHS database, this was originally forecast to cost £2.7bn and now estimates are put as high as £32bn. The professionals don’t want this database and the return on investment has to be highly questionable, especially at £32bn. Then, they must cancel ID Cards, very few people want them, they will, in any event, be used by the state as a tool to control and monitor the individual. This is unacceptable.

These 3 projects alone would cost the taxpayer some £60bn. Now with the government suggesting that their fiscal stimulus will amount to £15bn per annum which will have to come from borrowings, there is excellent ammunition here for the other parties to propose the cancelling of these projects and a larger or longer package of fiscal measures.

One final note, this government had consistently demonstrated that it is incapable of specifying, costing and managing large scale IT projects. Therefore, they should leave well alone, because what is also clear, is they have proven unable (or unwilling) to provide the public with any tangible justification or benefits for this level of expenditure. Most of us do not want these databases and, in any event, the country can ill afford the cost of £60bn. Opposition parties, make your mark and start earning your keep!


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