Big Brother Britain & Civil Liberties
Fight against UK governments attack on our civil liberties with Big Brother Britain initiatives

Big Brother Britain and the fight back

resistFirstly I would like to thank David Davis at the Libertarian Alliance for agreeing to contribute unique articles to this blog on the subject of Big Brother Britain.

I originally set up this blog, because whilst I have my own blog containing my views and opinions of British politics (Power to the People), I felt that this particular issue required a dedicated blog, given the massive onset of the surveillance and database society that we are in and the fact that there is way too much apathy or perhaps ignorance amongst the British people. However, I want to point out that this is not my blog, it is our blog, a single source or repository of information related to Big Brother Britain, that can be read and considered by people that want to know more about how this issue affects them and their civil liberties.

To have value, it is essential that there are diverse contributions and I would like to invite anyone who has similar concerns to write unique articles or include copies of their own on this blog. It doesn’t matter what your political persuasion is, Conservative, Libertarian, LibDem, SNP, Labour etc., Big Brother Britain affects us all and this will hopefully become an excellent place to inform, share ideas, views, opinions and promote them.

Already, a number of like-minded people interested in this issue have agreed to support Big Brother Britain, including Shrewd Mammal, British Politics and The Secret Person. Shrewd Mammal has also created a tag called RESIST which I have included in this posting. He has suggested that all people wishing to RESIST the Big Brother Britaindo so, by including the resist tag and/or image in their postings. I would also ask that if you write any articles on this subject on your own blogs that you include the tag ‘big brother britain’. Similarly, anyone that is willing to refer to this blog in a new posting, would help enormously in promoting the blog.

If anyone wishes to show their support, we have a ‘supporters blogroll’ and would be happy to include your blog details, anyone wishing to reciprocate or add a link  to Big Brother Britain would be helping this just cause. If you are concerned about what is happening to our country by government that has little interest in protecting the civil liberties of its citizens and a complete obsession with controlling the people of this country, then please do what you can to support this blog.


10 Responses to “Big Brother Britain and the fight back”

  1. Many thanks Will, hope you will also get the time to add the odd bit of content.

  2. Adding you to my blog roll now. It’s a damn good blog you’ve got here.

  3. Thank you Martin. Now that we know Hazel Blears can’t stand these types of blogs, it act as a real motivator to get things moving 😉

  4. I have added you to my blogroll and wish you the best. I would also be happy to add unique content to this site as an author. Will be blogging about this great site shortly. Good luck.

  5. You’re going on our blogroll too now.

  6. Hi, I’m also adding you to my blogroll to show my support. Good to see you are steadily clocking up more traffic on this blog.

  7. Thanks for your support Curiously Inspired. Hope you don’t mind, have also added you to our supporters blogroll.

  8. […] to the 42 day detention bill irritated the hell out of them.  As has protests about the Big Brother Britain Database, which has even lead to suggestions that opponents have something to hide, or are, in effect, […]

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