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Hazel Blears politically naive?

Well, yes I think she probably is, which would explain why she has been given the position of Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government. Given the state of both, she needs to spend more time in the office and less at the Hansard Society.

It would appear that Hazel, I hope such an important person, at least in her own mind, doesn’t mind me having the temerity to address her by her first name, doesn’t like us bloggers. Well at least the so called right-leaning ones that don’t agree with this governments policies. Now I can’t speak (or more accurately write) for other bloggers, but the reason I started to write a “political” blog was because I had become so disenfranchised from what is left of the political and democratic system in this country. I felt that politicians were using the complacency of the majority of people in this country, to impose draconian legislation that sought to remove our civil liberties, right to privacy and many of the laws that had been originally introduced to protect the individual from state interference.

Hazel knows, that in the past, so long as she and her party had the vast majority of the news media eating out of their hands, then they could do pretty much whatever they wanted. Perhaps in the knowledge that as long as the editors got an invitation to dinner and the chance of some ‘recognition’ or exclusives (probably both), they would tell their readership what a good job the government was doing. Acting as a defacto sales person for government initiatives. Then along comes the internet to spoil things. Because, the government can’t possible invite us all to dinner and an MBE or knighthood would just make our blog titles (no pun intended) too long. So what must they do? Well now we know, go to the Hansard Society and denounce us for our views, the quality and style of our blogs and imply that we are mavericks. We should be grateful that she hasn’t suggested that we are political terrorists, otherwise we would all be in real trouble.

It is pathetic. I take the time to blog because I care about this country and resent that the likes of Hazel Blears refuse to engage with the public. Politics has become a game of preaching, not explanation, of being loose with the facts and introducing draconian and freedom changing moves within the body of new legislation, rather than the summary. This used to be the preserve of the chancellor, but now everytime new legislation is brought in, the devil is indeed in the detail. We have to trust other members of parliament to read the entire bill and then understand it. I don’t!

This is a lame duck administration and it will be gone in the not too distant future. So it doesn’t really matter what Hazel thinks (not that it mattered before), or this Labour government, because they are on their way out. But the next government must get to grips with the issues and repeal the legislation that has sought to remove many of our rights as “free” citizens and above all, encourage engagement, via political blogs or other media, because it leads to a healthy and inclusive society.

If people choose to spend their time blogging on political issues and entering debates with people that may not necessarily share their views, then I think that is a good thing, to be encouraged, not derided. It is after all, what a free society is all about. MP’s are frequently moved to comment about the electorates refusal to get involved in politics, to the extent, that some even suggested that voting should become mandatory. Why then, should a cabinet minister, now be motivated to criticise and deride those that have done precisely that. But then again, perhaps I have answered my original question.


5 Responses to “Hazel Blears politically naive?”

  1. They fear the internet revolution because they can’t control us, at least not at the moment, no doubt that will come later.

  2. She is naive, but not quite so much as those who follow her.
    There has been a huge number of ideas on how to regulate the internet in recent months, both here and abroad, and it’s not surprising- it’s the easiest way to spread dissent.

  3. No, she’s not (politically naive.) The buggers know exactly what they are doing, and are following a well-focussed and pre-defined strategy, for the destruction of liberal civilisation.

  4. […] The government has been rattled by civil liberties campaigners leading the charge against an overbearing state and the fact that they have highlighted the steady, but consistent erosion of our rights and liberties. The significant resistence to the 42 day detention bill irritated the hell out of them.  As has protests about the Big Brother Britain Database, which has even lead to suggestions that opponents have something to hide, or are, in effect, willing to aid and abet those that would seek us harm. All utter rubish of course. We also have Hazel Blears damning those that would use the internet to argue against government policies. […]

  5. […] Hazel Blears for The Guardian newspaper, it is a reasonable question. Especially given she naively attacked political bloggers a couple of weeks ago. Now she appears to have used these same blogs for her own research into […]

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