Big Brother Britain & Civil Liberties
Fight against UK governments attack on our civil liberties with Big Brother Britain initiatives

Big Brother Britain – The Fight Back

I have become increasingly angered by the the way the British government has become obsessed with tracking and recording each and everyone of its citizens on countless databases throughout the public sector. I am so angry, I am driven to action because, although I have my own website, Power to the People, I recognise that this is not a side issue, but a significant threat. I want to keep it, to some extent, separate from my own political views, because I would object to Big Brother Britan irrespective of which party is in power. If that was not enough we are monitored by 4.2m CCTV cameras.

What angers me most, are those individuals that are quite prepared to allow the government do what they will unchecked. Worst still, these same people argue that if you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to worry about. I don’t really want to get into name calling on this blog, but I will, lets face it, they are simply Muppets! Now I feel better.

My intention with this site is to deal specifically with Big Brother Britain issues, in terms of how they relate to our civil liberties, right to privacy and above all the freedom we once enjoyed. Therefore, I will write articles specifically for this blog and may include articles or references that have already been published on my other blog. However, I would urge other like-minded people to use this site for any Big Brother issues. By signing up as a contributor and/or providing permission for me to to reproduce your articles with all of the attendant credits etc. All contibutors or supporters are invited to request to be included in the ‘Supporters’ Blogroll.

I am not bothered whether fellow bloggers agree with my opinions or not. Because we are, of course, still in a place where the freedom to express our views is permitted, even if they are monitored and scrutinised by Big Brother. All of us will have different views on how far we are prepared to allow the state to intrude into our private lives, how much information we are prepared to allow them to retain and for how long. There will also be many that have differing ideas on how far our civil liberties should be allowed to be compromised and infringed in the name of fighting crime and terrorism. For the record, I do not think law-abiding citizens should have any of their civil liberties infringed by government and databases should be kept to an absolute minimum to provide faster access to essential information. I also believe that all requests for information or intercepts and so on, should go before a judge and the number of people with access to information held on us should be severely limited to Police and Security services only.

That is it, I have laid my cards on the tables and stated my aims, I hope that those that have strong opinions on the subject of Big Brother Britain will contribute to this blog, I would hate to feel I was on my own, with only Big Brother as company 🙂


8 Responses to “Big Brother Britain – The Fight Back”

  1. I am wholeheartedly behind this initiative. We need to all stand up and be counted, even if we get nowhere, at least we will know that we have tried. I share your concerns regarding the “nothing to hide, nothing to fear” lobby. These people demonstrate how shallow they are. There are a couple of related posts on my own blog, which I would be happy for you to reproduce here, given this site is far more specific to the concerns I have noted. Please also feel free to add my blog to your supporteers blogroll.

  2. Thanks for your support BP, I look forward to taking a look at your blog.

  3. I’d be more than happy for you to use anything from my site and to be listed as a supporter.

  4. […] London at midday on the 5th November 2008. Unfortunately, given I am away at the moment, as Big Brother Britain will be able to confirm, I can only be there in spirit, however, I am more than happy to extend his […]

  5. Many thanks for your support Secret Person, I have added you to the Supporters Blogroll and look forward to publishing some of your posts here.

  6. […] News that the Data Communication Bill has been shelved will be welcomed by all those that have campaigned against it. Needless to say, the government claim that it has nothing to do with those that are against this […]

  7. […] that the Data Communication Bill has been shelved will be welcomed by all those that have campaigned against it. Needless to say, the government claim that it has nothing to do with those that are against this […]

  8. At last some one taking a stand, we hear all the time about what the goverment intends to do so matter of factly as if we the British public do not have a say in the matter at all. I do not have anything to hide but I would still not trust the goverment with personal information. I will be following this blog with anticipation.

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