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Australians look set to have state censorship imposed

Over at Shrewd Mammal, is an article outlining how the Australian Government are seeking to censor what their citizens can view on the internet, by introducing internet filters. If the Australian government succeeds in imposing this legislation, it will only be a matter of time before our own, Big Brother obsessed government attempts to introduce something similar here.

This subjective filtering will be based on anything that the state believes is controversial and demonstrates yet another governments attempt to determine what its citizens can and cannot do. We should demonstrate our support for any Australian, who may wish to resist or object such draconian legislation. Gordon Brown, be warned, we will not accept similar attempts here in the UK, you have already pushed the boundaries way too far and the people are starting to bite back.


2 Responses to “Australians look set to have state censorship imposed”

  1. Thanks for the link and using the RESIST tag….:)

    We need to encourage action by the Australian populace….but this is coming to the UK and we need to be ready to take ACTION here. We RESIST by both intellectual and physical means….

    Our lives should be governed by what we can give for others, not by what we hope to retain for ourselves. This fight is OUR battle for future generations…..RESIST


  2. I am pleased to support your RESIST tag and will continue to do so on all future articles. Good luck, I am sure we will all need it!

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